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Garden Party

Build your outdoor haven

We guarantee the health of your landscape.

Your outdoor space should be a place where you relax and make memories with loved ones, not a source of stress and extra work on the weekends. Many landscape providers lack the horticultural expertise to consider the health and maintenance needs of your landscape, leaving homeowners with expensive upkeep and suboptimal conditions for growing thriving landscapes.  

Our expertise in design and horticulture will ensure that your outdoor environment thrives in every season. We educate our clients about plant care and soil needs, so that you can confidently cultivate your landscape.


Our maintenance solutions place every aspect of landscape care is in the hands of experts, ensuring that you can spend you weekends and evenings enjoying your space. Based on a monthly subscription model, we handle everything your yard needs -- from mowing and fertilizing in the summer to tree-trimming and plant pruning in the Spring to leaf collection in the Fall. 

Community Kitchen Garden
More families outside

Our mission is to help families enjoy the outdoors together. Whether you want to build an outdoor kitchen, grow a thriving vegetable garden, or create a shaded oasis to enjoy during the summer, we will help you achieve your dream outdoor environment. 

Green playground with tunnels. Green schoolyard. Outdoor playing. Playing outside in natur
Natural Playgrounds

Open-ended outdoor play utilizing natural elements grows children's self-efficacy, confidence, and problem-solving abilities. Our in-house child development expertise will help you achieve an outdoor play environment that will be enjoyed by your family, young or old, for years to come. 

Native and Organic Landscaping

Good for people, good for the environment. Whatever your design style, ranging from formal and traditional to informal cottage-style garden, we can help you achieve your desired look using native plants and regenerative practices. We utilize organic planting methods, without pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic materials. 

DIY Outdoor kitchen and barbeque .jpg
Outdoor Kitchens

Our expertise in design and construction will ensure that your outdoor kitchen flows well with the design of your home -- whether you live in a historic Fairmount craftsman or a modern new build. 

Ready to get started?

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