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We believe that we were meant to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, build things with our hands, and learn by doing. In an increasingly digital world, our purpose is to remain committed to the physical spaces in which we connect with loved ones and carry out our lives. We're a landscape design, maintenance, and installation firm with a love for home and family and a desire to serve Fort Worth by creating spaces where people thrive. 


Inspired by the way the tribes of the plains lived alongside bison herds and utilized every part of the animal, Last Bison applies resourcefulness and respect for spaces and materials in our work. We use organic practices and utilize native plants in our work.

We work alongside a team of seasoned trades professionals we know and trust. We love working with our team of experts to create spaces where people flourish.


Abbie Reed


Having grown up in the beautiful Texas hill country, Abbie spent an idyllic childhood outdoors. She has been outside as much as she can ever since -- gardening, exploring, and enjoying the beauty of creation. 

Abbie's background is in education and child development, and she holds a Master in Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education. Abbie believes in an increasingly digital world, time spent in open play outdoors is one of the best things we can give children. 

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