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A different way of building

What if you could achieve both a product of excellent quality and a seamless experience while building it?

Guest bedroom closet with mirror doors, vintage chair

We've completed over 135 projects during the last ten years, all with the singular goal of giving you a product you will love forever while delivering the best building experience. 


Building or renovating is a significant investment of time and resources, and it's important to get it just right. You need a builder with the construction skill of a seasoned tradesman and the operational excellence of a business school grad.

Our Story

We believe that we were meant to build things with our hands. In an increasingly digital world, our purpose is to remain committed to the physical spaces in which we connect with loved ones and carry out our lives. We're a custom home builder and general contracting firm with a love for home and family and a desire to serve Fort Worth by creating spaces where people thrive. 


Inspired by the way the tribes of the plains lived alongside bison herds and utilized every part of the animal, Last Bison applies resourcefulness and respect for spaces and materials in our work. We've completed over 135 projects over the last ten years.  We've converted a church basement into a medical facility, built new condos with historic Fairmount aesthetic, and renovated numerous family homes.


We work alongside a team of seasoned trades professionals we know and trust. We love working with our team of experts to create spaces where people thrive.


Jim Reed


Jim first picked up a hammer when he was a toddler watching his dad build their family home, and he has been building and fixing things ever since. 

Last Bison Homes was formed in 2014 after Jim graduated from TCU Business School and spent a year converting the College Ave building into loft apartments alongside his mentor. Since then, he's completed over 135 projects in and around Fort Worth. Integrity is our modus operandi, and we can't wait to see what we will build with you. 


Casey Taylor

Project Manager

Born and raised in the DFW area, Casey has served in church ministry in Fort Worth, Portland, and Colorado. He now lives back home in Fort Worth with his wife and three wonderful kids! Always ready with a joke or a pun, Casey delights in serving others well with joy and laughter. 

A quick thinker and gifted communicator, Casey is highly skilled at meeting challenges as they arise and ensuring projects are run according to plan. 

Ready to take the next step?

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